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A Brand New Look: CHC, Rebranded

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Announcing Center for Healthy Communities Rebrand 

Have you noticed anything different about us? Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) has officially rebranded! Rather than being a marketing ploy, we’ve intentionally adjusted our branding to better align with California State University, Chico. In an age where visual communication is key, helping our audience of college students, partners, and community to make more immediate connections between our organization and Chico State was the goal. Several factors were taken into consideration including color, typefaces, co-branding, and naming conventions which can be found within our updated Visual Identity Guide.

Meet Evo – Logo Evolution

a gif of the former logo for center for healthy communities transitioning to the new lgo design.

In addition to this brand alignment, we decided to take this opportunity to elevate CHC’s logo design as well. Created by Skyla Smith, Design and Marketing Manager at the Center, the changes incorporate effective design strategies while honoring our mission and vision. The strengths of our old logo served as inspiration for this more modern design.  

Our new logo is named “Evo” because it honors the growth and evolution CHC has undergone over the last few years while speaking to our past and future. Utilizing the Chico State color palette, typefaces, and department naming convention, we ensure our brand identity aligns with the university’s. Continuing the use of our much-loved tree, Evo brings modern elements to the forefront to embrace simplicity and symbolism no matter the application. 

Quick Facts About the Logo: 

  • Designed using the golden ratio for visual harmony. 
  • Showcases eight sets of leaves to honor our eight Overarching Strategies. 
  • As a scalable design, the use of negative space for the tree and leaves makes it easier to use across various print and media. 
  • The tree softly blends with the circle at its base to symbolize roots, honoring the foundation of our org and our team, who continue to uphold CHC’s vision with their passion and dedication. 

Further Resources for Our Partners 

If you are a partner organization or affiliate of CHC we hope you will take some time to review your materials and update them to incorporate our changed logo and look, so that your materials are consistent with ours. We recommend identifying a staff member to review all print and digital materials, such as brochures, file folders, email templates, webpages, signage, etc. to ensure that the branding for CHC is updated. It’s easy for changes like these to slip through the cracks. 

For more details, visit our Branding & Media Resources Page.

Questions, concerns, or feedback? Contact the Public Relations and Marketing team for CHC at: 

A Brand New Look: CHC, Rebranded

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