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Strategic Plan


The Center for Healthy Communities (CHC) is a leader and connector, striving to provide equitable support to individuals and partners across diverse communities in California by building sustainable access to nourishing food and active environments. As a center supporting higher education, we elevate student success and career readiness skills through programs providing direct support to local community members and partner organizations.


CHC envisions all Californians with equitable resources to live their healthiest lives.

CHC staff and students at ENACT 2023

Priority Areas

Basic Needs in Higher Education

Basic Needs in Higher Education

Cultivating cooperative leadership within segments of higher education to ensure students have their basic needs met and the skills and resources to achieve their goals.

Community Health

Community Health

Engaging and educating communities to create policies and environmental changes to advance healthy living.

Local Food Systems

Local Food Systems

Actively engaging with local collaboratives to provide sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption to enhance the environmental, economic, and nutritional health of our region.

Nutrition & Consulting Services

Nutrition & Consulting Services

Fostering strong partnerships to provide health, wellness, and prevention services to organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Student Success & Service Learning

Student Success & Service Learning

Supporting students while closing the equity gap faced by traditionally underserved students though mentorship and experiential learning opportunities.


EquityValuing health equity, CHC works to eliminate inequities and barriers to accessing resources, especially for those whose experience has been perpetuated by socioeconomic disadvantage and historical injustice.

CollaborationRecognizing the strength of collaboration, CHC creates and sustains partnerships to leverage resources, expertise, and capacity to improve health across the state.

SustainabilityValuing environmental and economic sustainability, CHC creates and supports resilient local food systems to improve access to locally-grown foods, reduce food waste and boost local and statewide economic equity.

CompassionRecognizing the unique challenges people face, CHC serves individuals with respect, empathy and caring where we are needed and where we can help.

MentorshipValuing Chico State students as leaders of tomorrow, CHC provides opportunities for interdisciplinary service learning, civic engagement, and research to serve the educational, cultural, and economic needs of communities.

WellnessValuing a culture of wellness, CHC strives for a healthy life-work balance that supports physical, mental, and financial wellness for staff, students, and communities we serve.

IntegrityValuing honest, objective, and ethical practices and fiscal responsibility, CHC ensures the protection and support of our communities, partners and students.

Overarching Strategies

Community EngagementProviding education and outreach at the individual level to improve behaviors and access to local resources.

Policy, Systems & Environmental ChangeActing as agents of change to improve environments, systems, and policies.

Capacity BuildingEnhancing skills, tools, and systems to support partner organizations through tailored training and technical assistance.

Partnerships & CollaborationLeveraging resources and uniting efforts to improve collective impact locally, regionally, and statewide.

Research & EvaluationConducting process and impact evaluation to assess effectiveness, determine best practices, refine strategies, and disseminate results to inform policies.

MediaUsing media to elevate stories to advance health equity, showcase research findings, and share CHC’s programs, services, and impact.

AdvocacyAdvocating and influencing policy and legislation locally, statewide, and nationally to address health disparities and injustices.

Funding DevelopmentContinually seeking new and diverse funding to respond to the needs of the populations served through strategic grant writing, fundraising, and partner networks.

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